Types of homecare services and visits

Types of homecare services and visits

What is Home Care? Any professional support service, that allows a person to live safely in their home, is termed as home care service. Home care service helps someone who is aging and needs assistance to live independently, governing chronic health issues in a favorable home atmosphere, recovering from a medical setback, or has special […]

Activities for seniors – keeping them busy to avoid isolation

Activities for seniors - keeping them busy to avoid isolation

Are u concerned about your aging loved ones? Are you concerned of their daily routine and mental health? Then this blog is very informative and worthwhile for you. It’s undoubtedly common for elderly people to get exhausted from their daily routine which eventually dulls their spirit and negatively impacts their mental health. Peace in home […]

Keep This In Mind While Researching Home Care For Your Parents

5 Beneficial Tips for New Family Caregivers

Aging bring many problems with it. Care and assistance is necessary to perform activities of daily living. You cannot always be there for your parents due to many other personal responsibilities.  Passing that important responsibility to someone else is a better option. It can be challenging and involves some hard decisions. Peace in home healthcare, […]

5 Beneficial Tips for New Family Caregivers

5 Beneficial Tips for New Family Caregivers

At Peace in home health care services, Homecare services are not only about helping our senior clients to perform their daily living activities but to make a positive difference in their lives by providing them support in what they need, that support can be either physical or emotional. This is why we are one of […]

Use of Restraints: Ethical or Unethical

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The nursing practice revolves around patients’ care, well-being, safety, non-pharmacological interventions, and nursing outcomes. Many times the nursing care of clients places the nurse on a path that is further divided into two diverse pathways, quite in opposite directions. This bifurcation of nursing intervention makes it difficult for nurses to make decisions, based on the […]

Nursing Profession Stereotypes

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When I started my nursing education, I was hit by many stereotypes such as “Female dominated profession”, and the popular “ICU Helper”. Television shows such as “House, ER, Scrubs, and Grey’s Anatomy” showed numerous examples of nurses’ roles as helpers rather than independent knowledgeable professionals. Nonetheless, I was aware that these were images of stereotypes […]